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8 mistakes that can ruin your website design

The design of a web page has many important things that must be taken care of so that it is attractive, that allows people to find what they are looking for, and that it achieves its main objective which may be to sell, inform, entertain, etc. However, you can see confusing and cluttered web page layout with some frequency. And not to mention the ones that are not visually attractive or were left in the 90s when neon green letters on a black background with numerous animated GIFs were all the rage. Since we don't want you to be out of date or for all the effort put into creating your website to be wasted, be aware of these design mistakes that can ruin your website.

Errors in your web page design that you should avoid at all costs

1-Confusing navigation

Navigation refers to how users can move from one page to another within your website. This can be done through a menu and links.

Ideally, from the home page, people can access anywhere on the web page after just a few clicks.

diseño de página web

Sites that have hidden navigation options, you don't know where to click to access the menu, or that require many clicks to get where they want to go make the user experience extremely confusing. It is a mistake and you can avoid it with a better navigation design.


This is indeed a SERIOUS mistake, especially since the company Adobe announced that as of December 31, 2020 they will eliminate the Flash Player download pages. This will not allow content created in Flash to run, which is the end of this technology that has already been replaced by CSS and other programming languages. 

There was a time when the only way to put some animation on your website was through animations made with Flash, but for several years it has been obsolete, being replaced by more efficient ways.

Including Flash today on your website is a mistake because of this that we just mentioned and also because it affects the SEO. Google does not index these sites and therefore you lose a good opportunity to position yourself in your sector.

3-Audios or videos that play alone

What an uncomfortable and annoying thing to enter a site and have music or a video playing as soon as you finish loading the web page! Today this is a serious mistake because many people use headphones to listen to music while working, or perhaps they are in a public place or a library where noise cannot be made.

What will happen, since you probably won't find a way to pause the video or turn off the sound quickly, is that you close the window immediately and go to other less annoying websites.

4-Pop-up windows

Like sounds or videos that play by themselves, pop-ups or pop-ups are also annoying. Even more so if after closing one, another opens and then another. The user feels it as an intrusion, like you are bothering him, and he will end up closing the window and looking for what he needs in a quieter place.

5-Excess advertising

Other elements that are used in excess are very annoying are advertisements. While selling your ad space can mean additional income, make sure that they are not invasive and that they do not interfere with the reading of the content.

6-Lack of contrast

Look for an adequate contrast between the texts and the background so that people have no problem reading the content of your website. Ideally, to avoid mistakes, is to work with black text on a white background.

7-No mobile navigation

Very serious mistake not thinking about mobile browsing today! More than a luxury, it is a necessity given that more and more people access it every day through a smartphone or tablet.

It is necessary that the site be navigable comfortably from any mobile.

diseño web

8-And the search engine?

Finally, another mistake that you should not make is not including a search engine on your website. It is not very difficult to do it and it will be of great help to users if they want to find something quickly.

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