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Digital marketing: what do I need to know about this activity?

First of all, what is digital marketing? We can define it as all those actions and strategies that are carried out through digital means to attract new sales or promote a product or service. These virtual channels can be web pages, blog, social networks, video, advertisements, among others. It is a discipline that has transferred techniques that were used in the offline world to the online world, but in this case a very particular characteristic is the immediacy and the enormous opportunities that the internet offers to promote a company or brand.

What are the elements of digital marketing?

In addition to social networks as a fundamental part of digital marketing, there are other equally relevant elements to take into consideration.

Social media marketing will allow increasing the presence of the business on the internet through the various social networks that exist. In this way, followers will be able to keep up to date with the latest from the company and connect with the brand from a closer point of view.

Content marketing or content marketing is another element that is part of everything that is digital marketing. Nowadays it is something fundamental especially if you want to carry out a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positioning strategy.

Marketing digital

With the passage of time, content has been gaining more weight within marketing strategies. As it is becoming more and more important to reach exactly the desired target, content is one of the protagonists today.

Another reason is because consumers have access to so much content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. This has resulted in the need to offer attractive, up-to-date, relevant and high-quality content for a website or blog.

Content marketing is used to help increase web traffic, engagement and SEO positioning, which are essential in converting leads.

Search engine optimization

Who does not want to appear among the first results of Google today? We could say that practically everyone. It is a tough competition and difficult to achieve, but not impossible. It happens that achieving high visibility in search results can help a company increase its sales substantially.

For everything to work in the best possible way, it is necessary to link the content marketing strategy with that of SEO positioning. SEO is about strategies that help to achieve a good organic positioning. SEM is in English Search Engine Marketing and is also part of digital marketing.

The SEM refers to the actions that are carried out to achieve a paid positioning. This is possible through advertising campaigns, sponsored links, display, Google Shopping and more.

Digital PR

PR Digital is another strategy that is part of digital marketing. Through it we can massify the information of the company to be able to influence the decisions of consumption of its products and services. It is a kind of fusion of content marketing with public relations through social networks.

Email marketing

Email marketing is said to be the most efficient digital marketing strategy today, despite social media, ads, and whatever platform has hit the online market. It allows content and information of interest to be placed directly in the hands of consumers and one click away from a potential purchase. In this way, it allows a high return on investment with minimal expenses.

Why does your company need to do digital marketing?

We believe that a wise decision today for any company that wants to grow and stay relevant is to make digital marketing strategies. You don't necessarily have to do all of them, but you do have to have a minimal internet presence.

Some of the reasons to enter the world of digital marketing are:

  • The investment is less compared to traditional marketing
  • You can control advertising campaigns in real time
  • There is the ability to measure all the actions you take
  • Market segmentation
  • You have the opportunity to test before investing large sums
  • There is greater feedback from the consumer
  • You can communicate with the client immediately
  • You generate greater confidence from consumers
  • No geographical or time limits
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