7 tips that an SEO positioning company should give you this 2022

2022 brings many surprises for every company SEO positioning, as Google has provided new guidelines that will affect the positions in search engine results.

With the arrival of FLOC, which stands for Federated Cohort Learning, third-party cookies will lose value and support, which will affect advertising.

Also, drive a good digital and content marketing strategy It will be key to stand out from the competition.

We have prepared this post to show you the seven factors that will be key for your digital business to be a leader in Google, have more leads and more conversions.

posicionamiento SEO

This 2022, SEO positioning lies in the user experience

All the provisions that Google has marked for 2022 aim to offer the best user experience, both in content and in its intention.

For example, if a user has an informational intention, that is, they do not want to buy anything but to get information, relevant content will be more important than ever.

But, if the user wants to buy a product or service, those online companies that offer what the user wants to see will be in the first positions.

In this sense, the author pages will have a greater impact due to their content quality and the history they have, simulating the reputation of a domain.

7 tips that an SEO positioning company should give you this 2022

  1. Reputation will be key to position

The EAT, which refers to experience, authority and reliability, is in 2022 such an important element that if other sites link negatively to your website, you will disappear from Google.

The remedy for this disease is to offer quality content at all times that offers value and new ideas to the user.

  1. If you have a blog or news website, you must activate Google Discover

Google Discover is a platform that offers news for users. So, optimizing your website and activating this feature will help you to have greater visibility.

  1. Offer quality content, without straw

Goodbye to those extended contents that, in the end, say nothing. Your SEO agency must create texts that get to the point and quickly respond to what the user wants to read.

  1. Have a good score on Core Web Vitals

Thinking again about the user, Google better positions the pages that offer faster and a comfortable and interactive experience.

Users don't want to wait more than 4 seconds to see what they need. If your website is slow, or does not have a responsive design, you will have a higher bounce rate.

Therefore, we advise you to give great importance to the rating you receive in Google's Core Web Vitals.

  1. Goodbye to the AMP version for SEO

Google no longer considers the AMP version, that is, it no longer positions it as before. Therefore, manage a single version of your site, but that adapts to any device.

  1. Optimize local and affiliate SEO

Optimizing local SEO, its data and what this implies, will mean that more users have access to your digital business and you can convert more.

In addition, affiliate SEO will change, giving more importance to product reviews that provide expert knowledge, compare with the competition and describe the products.

  1. Have a good internal link chain

In the past, internal linking was intended to rank internal pages.

For 2022, the priority will be to provide the user with complementary information that helps them better understand what they read.

Therefore, your SEO agency has to be efficient to link content correctly, thinking of the user

Position your digital business in the first results and generate more profits

Now that you know the keys that 2022 brings to position yourself in Google, we encourage you to address it with your SEO positioning company.

The quality of the content, the interaction, a high rating in Core Web Vitals and giving the user a pleasant experience will mark the success of your company this year

So, if you want to be a leader in Google and have more visits, we encourage you to contact The Cloud Group, an SEO agency of high quality, trajectory and with guaranteed results