Apple's minimalist design What can we learn?

As the years go by, the design it becomes an integral element to complete a user's experience in relation to a product or service, both in the technological and digital areas. The California-based company, Manzana, knows very well about this. Since its inception, it has been able to integrate this element in a versatile way in the wide variety of equipment that it has introduced in the technological market, which, and currently, continue to be icons and references in the history and architecture of hardware.

What has Apple done to make design part of its success?

Mainly, because it has the following characteristics:

  • It is functional: The virtual and communicational experience that they provide to most of our senses (with the exception of taste and smell) is interactive and dynamic, just to highlight. In fact, it is optimized and simplified as the years go by.
  • It is part of all its technological components: Not only regarding hardware but also in software. Design is part of every layer that makes up an Apple product or service.
  • It is characterized by its minimalism: It is no longer just about how to use technology, now we are also talking about where we can use it. The more personalized and portable it is, the better for its users.
  • It is continually reinvented and updated: The new generation of products and services of the Californian company is always based on and designed to offer a higher quality user experience, taking as a reference the features and interactions with past generations.
  • It is difficult to reproduce because of the competition: It is an element that attracts technologically, and reaffirms part of virtualization. Apple has been in charge of making this very clear and patenting it since the creation of its Macintosh 128K.

What have been the main design complaints towards Apple?

Specialists name five mainly:

  • It is of mass consumption: Despite the fact that it has a considerable and very long lifespan, the products of the Copertina company are continuously outdated. If you are an Apple customer or user, you must constantly purchase upgrades or new equipment to keep your user experience on par with globalization.
  • It's pretty sober: In its early days, Apple offered colorful options for its products. Currently, that custom has taken hold again since the Iphone X, however, the options have been limited in the course of the 21st century.
  • It has a cost for almost everything: Compared to other more generic and universal technology market products, this element has a high price in the software and hardware that Apple develops, which the user pays with certain consent.
  • The hardware manufacturing material is brittle: The design has the function of illustrating, being integrated into the user experience, not to be timeless and eternal at a technological level. If we use a product irresponsibly or carelessly, it can break down more easily.

If we are looking for less versatile and minimalist equipment, the Copertina company cannot offer less.

  • It is airtight: The only way to improve or enhance the products or services offered by Apple is through its platforms and authorized agents. Beyond that, options are limited, especially outside of the big metropolises.

On the other hand, if you don't have an internet connection, you will hardly be able to take advantage of all the paid or free benefits of the apple company.

In summary, having taken design into account in its electronic products and services since its inception, and still maintaining it as part of the company's philosophy, has been quite beneficial for Apple, allowing its users to interact as much as possible with this element without leaving one side others as the user experience

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