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7 essential elements that every professional website should have

There is a saying that runs around and says that "if you are not on the internet, you do not exist" and we believe that it is true. However, solving this problem is very simple, just have a professional website to publicize your brand, product or services and voila, automatic digital presence! You already exist! And now potential customers can find and contact you, your sales will increase and your business in general will grow. In this article we want to tell you about some benefits of creating a professional website, as well as some important elements that it should have.

Beneficios de tener una página web profesional

Benefits of having a professional website

1. It's easy and inexpensive

Of course this will depend on how complex your needs are but there are many options today that are inexpensive and allow you to create professional websites at a low cost and in just a few steps.

2. Get more visibility

A professional website will allow you to be found by millions of people since your brand gets much more visibility. One of the ways in which this happens is because search engines like Google can index it and in this way when people search with keywords related to your products or services, you can appear in the results.

3. Digital identity

Additionally, a website will allow you to have your own digital identity. Through the registration of a domain name you can have your personalized URL, as well as emails with your brand name and much more.

Beneficios de tener una página web profesional

4. Open 24 hours a day

Since the internet has no hours, your website will be available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Additionally, if you have products for sale in it, you could even be closing deals while you sleep.

5. Global audience

The internet has no geographical borders so the potential of your professional website is, literally, to reach the whole world.

6. Present a professional image

Your website should project a professional image that inspires confidence from your customers and the competition as well. In addition, you can project credibility through elements such as customer testimonials, certifications and much more that you can publish in it.

7. Recruit staff

Finally, the last benefit that we are going to share with you about having a professional website is that this can be a way to recruit staff if you need to form a work team to accompany you in your business.

Essential elements that every professional website must have

Since you know the benefits that a professional website brings to your business, it is time to mention what are the essential elements that it must have so that its operation is optimal and its performance the best possible.

1. Header: This is the first thing that everyone will see on your professional website when they enter and that is why it should be striking and at once, through the logo that must be placed here, inform the visitor what website it is. It is like a business card.

Elementos imprescindibles que toda página web profesional debe tener
Elementos imprescindibles que toda página web profesional debe tener

2. Buttons to share on social networks: You cannot not include buttons so that users can share your content, such as your products or your blog articles, on social networks. Likewise, you must place the links of your brand's networks also so that they can visit and follow you.

3. Products / services page: You have to see your website as a digital catalog and this is possible through the product and / or service pages where people can find out what you sell.

4. Corporate blog: This is extremely important for many reasons. One is because it helps with the creation of interesting content posts that can be useful for your potential clients and two because it is a communication channel to publicize news, launches and other information of a corporate nature. It also helps with the content strategy for SEO positioning.

5. Contact: You are going to want people to contact you in order to close deals, contracts and start a conversation about your business. That is why this section on your professional website is important to be present.

6. Geolocation: This is something that you can achieve through Google Maps and Google My Business and it is very important especially for businesses that have a physical presence. Today Google shows results on its maps and if your business has a presence in these search engine tools, it has a greater chance of being visited, which is equivalent to a greater probability of closing sales.

7. Who we are: Last but not least, the page of who we are is perhaps the one that best allows you to show the human side of your framework and business because it shows people who is behind everything that happens in it. It is also a way to connect with people.

Elementos imprescindibles que toda página web profesional debe tener

If you liked this article, share it! And if you are looking for an excellent professional web design agency, The Cloud Group is here ready to accompany you in this important project that is part of your professional career and that of your business. We want you to be as successful as possible and to accompany you along the way.

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