5 steps to create perfect squeeze pages

First of all, what are squeeze pages? Is about a type of landing page with the sole objective of capturing the contact details of potential leads. Generally, the minimum necessary requirement is the email, any other data is not essential, but if the company considers it, they can also be requested. Through the use of this digital marketing tool, the sales funnel is started and the idea is to achieve, with effective marketing strategies, that this lead becomes a customer. In other words, make a purchase.

What are the goals of squeeze pages?

First of all, squeeze pages want to make a good impression. In addition, it must be clear and professional and convey confidence to visitors.

They should also generate interest and expectations to all those who want to know more about what you offer.

And finally, a third goal of squeeze pages is for the list of subscribers to multiply exponentially.

These are the main reasons why a squeeze page must be impeccably worked so that it achieves the objectives that are desired to be obtained through it.

Characteristics of a perfect squeeze page

The first impression is important, especially for those who do not know you yet. So we invite you to find out what the characteristics of your landing page should be to make it perfect.

  • specific url

Don't scare your potential customer into clicking on a suspicious link. Create a specific URL for your main web page and within it upload all your landing pages and squeeze pages.

  • Use an attractive headline

The best way to get attention with a squeeze page is with a good headline. It will also most likely be the first thing people see when entering, if it is placed in a strategic position, which should be the top of the page. 

Take enough time to think of a headline that hooks, that draws attention, that generates intrigue and expectation. Remember that you want the people who entered your site to leave you their precious email.

  • What are the benefits?

It is very important to develop the various benefits that your products or services have, but it is not necessary to go into great detail. The idea is that people are left wanting to know more.

Explain what they will be able to achieve if they make the purchase. How will your life change and improve? Why is this just what they've needed before and you're going to offer it to them?

One way to know how to reach your potential customers is by putting yourself in their shoes and also creating buyer people.

  • Give something away!

Another element that will make your squeeze pages work perfectly is giving a lead magnet or a gift in exchange for their email. It is like a thank you for having left your data and it can be an eBook, PDF, video, tutorial, etc.

The idea is that it is something that is useful to them in the short term, it does not have to be something big necessarily.

  • keep it simple

We refer to your form: The simpler the better. Ideally, they should leave their name and email because it has been proven that the more fields there are to fill out, the fewer registrations you will have. For this reason, it is not bad that you only request the email, although having the first and last name will allow you to send personalized emails as part of an email marketing strategy.

additional tips

Seek to drive as much traffic as possible to your squeeze pages. Share the URL where you can. If you are going to give a conference, a webinar, share and show the address of your squeeze page.

Forward the page to anyone who asks about the project, include it in your email signature, in your blog's author box, in your website menu. Don't forget on social networks!

A squeeze page will allow visitors to be taken directly to content specially prepared to generate a sale. Instead of taking them to your homepage where they may not know what to do, a landing page will guide them about your products and/or services for sale and you will also be able to capture their contact information.

Come read more articles of interest in our Blog and contact us if you want support with the creation of specialized squeeze pages for your business.

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